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Welcome to MamboForge.net

MamboForge.net has been established as a development and distribution environment for the community to further expand the Mambo project. This site has been donated by Miro International and can be used to host components, templates, plug-ins, modules and anything related to Mambo.

Mambo is a business-oriented open source content management system written in PHP and uses the MySQL database. Initially developed by Miro International, Mambo can be hosted on Linux, Unix, Windows and Macintosh OS X servers - in fact as long as it runs PHP and MySQL, it can run Mambo. Mambo is the perfect solution for developers and novice users alike who demand a simple yet elegant way to deploy professional websites rapidly."

There is support for using MamboForge at the official Mambo forums:

Latest News
Instant Search module v1.3 released
    Cuong Nguyen Manh - 2005-12-13 18:18   -   Instant Search module
This version of Instant Search module has been added several nice features such as: ability to turn on/off SEF for result links, ability to turn on/off loading status (the 'Loading...' string displayed at top-right corner while searching), ability to define custom 'Loading...' string, etc.
mmGasBuddy has been released
    Darren Odden - 2005-12-12 15:05   -   mmGasBuddy
Want to know what the lowest gas price is in your area? Like to give your users a way to help fight the high gas prices? Add this module to your site. You can see it in you as http://www.compuboat.com.
MambleFish 1.5 Patch for Mambo 4.5.3
    Akarawuth Tamrareang - 2005-12-11 16:53   -   Mambo LaiThai
mambleFish 1.5 patch for mambo 4.5.3
Instant Search module v1.2 released with some new features
    Cuong Nguyen Manh - 2005-12-11 16:53   -   Instant Search module
This version has been improved the compatibility with code page other than UTF-8 and fixed the problem with URL prefixed with "www.". Beside this, some nice features have been added to Instant Search such as: ability to set the minimum keyword length in characters to begin search for, ability to set the length in characters for result found, etc.
sef404 Full Turkish Language
    Murat Esgin - 2005-12-11 16:53   -   Turkish Translate
(Allows Search Engine Friendly URLS for apache and IIS, returns proper 404 status code for missing content, provides logging of 404 errors, and creation of special "shortcut" URLs that allow the user to redirection to the new URL). Full Turkish language pack.
Community Builder 1.0RC2 Zoom Gallery 2.5b3 Plugin Released!
    Nicholas Antimisiaris - 2005-12-06 16:34   -   Mambo Community Builder
The Community Builder Team over at Joomlapolis.com has just released its first user plugin package addon since CB 1.0 RC2 was released. This package is installable via the CB backend Plugin Management section and is designed to work with version 2.5 beta 3 of the Zoom Gallery component. A security warning has also been identified and posted to the Zoom development team. More information is available at http://www.joomlapolis.com - thank you!
New Project Member
    Spikey Klitske - 2005-12-06 16:28   -   Mambo Treasury
I am glad to announce that Joshua Ross (Wolverine) has been added to the project team as Senior Developer. We will put in new efforts to port this module to mambo and with a bit of luck to joomla as well ;)
Instant Search module v1.1 released
    Cuong Nguyen Manh - 2005-12-06 16:28   -   Instant Search module
Instant Search module v1.1 has been fixed all known bugs with code page other than UTF-8 as reported by several users.
Import Users Component v0.3
    Nikos Anagnostou - 2005-12-05 17:34   -   Import Users Component
One more step towards v1. This release fixes some bugs, adds validation for the uploaded csv files and implementes persistency between test and actual import modes so that files need not be reuploaded.
Wrapper-login has moved
    wene chke - 2005-12-05 17:34   -   wrapper_login
the project has moved to Joomla!'s forge :


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