The following is a brief tutorial on how to use the mosForm Component.

Some basic definitions that MosForms uses:

After you've installed the component you will need to perform the following steps to create a form. To streamline the process it's best to layout your form on paper first and then create in mosForms. The whole process can be broken down into three steps: Form layout on paper, Create form in mosForms and testing. In the following a brief receipe for each step.

Step 1 - Form Layout

  1. Layout your form on paper
  2. Split the form on your paper into sections (groups) that belong together.
Form Example (a customer feedback form):

Contact Details
First Name:
Last Name:


Your Feedback




Step 2 - Create Form

In this  step I will create the Feedback section as per the above sample form.

AccessScreen Dump
Create a group for the each section of your form (as your layouof Step 1)Componets > MosForms > Groups > New
Add required Elements to each group.
Componets > MosForms > Elements > New
Add the element validations if required
Componets > MosForms > Form Validations > Newhere
Create the form itself (note that the fields not visisible on the screen dump do not require any entries) After you click Save move down to the next row!
Componets > MosForms > Forms > Newhere
Assign groups to form
Appears automatically when saving form.
Create a menu item  for visitors to access the form (you will then end up in the main menu screen)
Componets > MosForms > Forms > Create MainMenu Item (on right hand side of form listing)
Last thing to do is now to publish your menu item for your form. Simply click the red cross next to your menu item.

Step 3 - Testing 

 All that's left to do is to give it a whirl. Go to your public site (if none is running Site > Preview).

  1. Click on the menu item for the form.
  2. Fill in the form and submit it (leave out some required info and see what happens!)
  3. When finally submitted check your email to make sure you have received it.