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Release Name: Mambo

What is the file structure of a Patch File?

A patch file will be a compressed archive (usually a .zip or .tgz file).  It
will contain the replacement files in exactly the same directory structure as
will be found on the server.

Applying the Patch to your Installation

The first thing to do is read these instructions to the end.

The second thing to consider is, if in doubt, ask.  You can seriously damage
your Mambo site if you do the wrong thing.

Backup your existing site.  It is recommended that you backup your site into a
compressed file and name it with date stamp.  Copy the backup file(s) to a
location off the root directory of your mambo installation to prevent
accidentally deleting it.

There are now two ways to proceed.  Either uncompress the patch file on your
local computer and then FTP or network copy to your web server, or uncompress
the file directly into you Mambo directory on your server (you may or may not
have access to do this).

When the files are installed, test that you Mambo site is working as expected.
Depending on what the patch was, you may or may not see any difference to the
operation of Mambo.

Changes: 1. Changelog ------------ This is a non-exhaustive (but still near complete) changelog for Mambo 4.5.x, including beta and release candidate versions. Our thanks to all those people who've contributed bug reports and code fixes. Legend: # -> Bug Fix + -> Addition ! -> Change - -> Removed ! -> Note -- Patch Released -- 15-Jun-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed white space at the end of version.php # Fixed sql injection vulnerability in voting form # Fixed over-sensitive filtering of content intro and full text fields ^ Updates database::setQuery code to more efficient version -- Patch Released -- 04-May-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed vulnerability with bind method in mosDBTable class # Fixed session id spoofing via administrator/index3.php # Fixed bug in mosAbstractTasker redirect method # Prevented attacks via injection of POST variables through GET # Fix injection bugs in various class 'check' methods + Added input filter class (replacement for built-in strip tags) - Removed vulnerable file in DOMIT library 4-Mar-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#4642] Can't login to ADMINISTATION # Fixed [#4768] emailCloaking() doesn't completely combine parts of mail address # Fixed [#4972] Truncated email address in Contacts # Fixed [#4607] admin.typedcontent.php missing $lists['_caption_align'] initialisation code # Fixed [#4610] MOSimage doesn't work in static content manager # Fixed [#4586] `List Length` is ignored -- Patch Released -- 19-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed security vulnerability in Tar.php 18-Feb-2005 Andy Miller # Fixed com_content to use <div> for componentheading ! Changed implementation of new -3 module style for more robust solution -------------------- 4.5.2 Stable Released ---------------------- 16-Feb-2005 Emir Sakic # Fixed JS Bug with save order button not refreshing the page in IE + Added support for language variable in content URL 16-Feb-2005 Andy Miller + Added css elements for image/caption in sf2 ! Removed hardcoded default padding/margin in mosimage mambot 16-Feb-2005 Alex Kempkens # Fixed handling of header and search phrases in search component 16-Feb-2005 Rey Gigataras ! `Cancel` button replaced with `Close` button when editing existing items ! Moved `Mass Mail` to `Component` Sub-menu # Fixed [#4517] Menu order incorrect # Fixed [#4466] Administrator may delete other administrator # Fixed [#4468] Administrator may change the level they belong to # Fixed [#4536] Logout Link wrong in User Menu # Fixed [#4467] Back-end Group may create 'Public Front-end' or 'Public Back-end' user # Fixed 'Other Categories' param problem in 'Newsfeeds` and `Contacts` components # Fixed [#4482] Error in WebLink Parameters # Fixed [#4532] Display problem in Table - Content Category # Fixed [#4533] Display problem in Table - Content Section # Fixed missing published button in `Newsfeed` Component edit page # Fixed [#4500] No Caption in Static Content 16-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4090] navigation between archived articles is not possible # Fixed error in 'make unwriteable' when editing language and template files # Fixed category redirection error after calling from content item manager ! Updated cpanel icons and modules for hiding mainmenu when calling edit pages ! Updated typed/static content for hiding mainmenu when calling edit pages ! Spread menubar icons for improved usability ! Updated installation step 1 hints and warnings 16-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie + Added new site module stype to allow for rounded corner styling techniques # Fixed bug in database error reporting when in debug mode # Fixed bug showing Not Auth message when linking via Key reference # Fixed help links to support and removed useless index link # Fixed [#4483] 4.5.2 Pre1: Powerd by Logo still shows 4.5.1 # Fixed [#4496] Pre-1 Section Creation: No menu link creation possible + Added [#4502] Pre-1: User "Select Log Status" lacks "logged out" option # Fixed [#4480] 4.5.2 CVS missing language string in contacts (Download as Vcard) 15-Feb-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed bug `Search Category` mambot 15-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed creation of menuitems for weblink, newsfeed and contact categories # Fixed content menu should recognize empty sections and categories ! Hide main menu whenever an item is edited to reduce risk of lost checkouts. ! Improved backend messaging 15-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed spurious installer error msg when xml file is included in package file list + Added experimental task routing class + Added mainframe function to add custom html to the head tag of a template 14-Feb-2005 Emir Sakic # Fixed [#4207] Bug in Blog-Content Category Archives 14-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4472] 4.5.2 CVS Menu Manager [menu] Overlib oddities # Fixed sample installation inconsistents # Fixed phrasing for all menuitem names # Fixed wrong category mgr if no weblink or newsfeed cat. exists 14-Feb-2005 Alex Kempkins # Fixed problem with RSS feeds & live feed # Removed config_ml_support from configuration dialogs 14-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed [#4305,3971] User with Manager or Administrator Access pb ! Converted help files to html, help index can point to help site 13-Feb-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#3840] Some curious things in the Groupmanagement # Fixed [#4272] Configuration: no 'back'; link to control panel ! Added logged filter to `User Manager` + mod_logged Admin module 12-Feb-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#4319] 4.5.2 CVS mod_rssfeed malfunction 12-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4345] stripslashes on array in includes/mambo.php:mosBindArrayToObject() + Added optional parameters for $cc, $bcc, $attachment to mosMail() + Made path to sendmail configurable ($mosConfig_sendmail) 11-Feb-2005 Andy Miller # Fixed Long SEF URLs showing up in search results + Added a function to show area of text in search results based on keyword # Fixed rotate image module to include trailing <br /> for IE compatibility # Fixed search highlighting to display properly 11-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4321] 4.5.2 CVS mod_sections module displays empty sections # Fixed [#3072] Update DB from 4.5.0 to 4.5.1 11-Feb-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed Live Bookmarks handling + Additional parameters for TinyMCE ! Added group filtering for User Manager ! Added `User Manager` & `Media Manager` to Admin Panel Quickicons ! Restrutured Admin `Content` Sub-Menu 10-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4251] (Again) Issues with other categories display # Fixed [#4361] script tag in submit news bloqs admin backend 10-Feb-2005 Alex Kempkens ! Removed multi lingual calls from index and searchbot scripts 10-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed bug in module display for free text and style=-1 # fixed bug in mambot uninstaller 09-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4396] 4.5.2 CVS Order column in lists? Editing can't be saved. # Fixed [#4251] 4.5.2 CVS Menu Manager/Menu Items Editing window typos and bugs 08-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4404] 4.5.2 CVS mod_templatechooser Typo # Fixed [#4405] 4.5.2 CVS mod_whosonline oddity # Fixed [#4400] problem with copying menu in admin panel 07-Feb-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed [#4105] Fixes to new item counters, category display, etc. # Fixed [#4359] 4.5.2 CVS new Menu Manager display bug after 05/02/cvs update 07-Feb-2005 Alex Kempkens # Fixed small variable notices ! Added configuration value for ml support # Fixed small issues about content categories & notice warnings for news-flash module 06-Feb-2005 # Fixed bug that in usermenu logout link that prevents access to com_login 05-Feb-2005 Alex Kempkens + Added small corrections in the select handling for multi lingual contents + Integrated basic check for multi lingual component, same technique like SEF ! Added the use of css 'sectiontableentry1/2' in the content item table of the category list 05-Feb-2005 Emir Sakic # Fixed JS error in TinyMCE advanced editor # Fixed SEF bug # Fixed TOC SEF bug # Fixed cosmetic admin menu bug ! Removed IFRAME borders on admin help page # Fixed [#4267] Module Manager list default bug ! Added icon for save order admin listing 05-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie + Added Quote method to database class + Added php 4.1.2 compat functions 03-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie + Add Walter Zorn tooltip library 02-Feb-2005 Andrew Eddie ! Fixed x-site injection vulnerability related to PHP bug 30-Jan-2005 Andy Stewart # Fixed [#4520] Changed singular "Module" into plural "Module(s)" when deleting a menu. # Fixed [#4220] Static content linking to content item in menu manager. 29-Jan-2005 Alex Kempkens # Fixed live feed handling of RRS and integrated possibility to name the feed file 27-Jan-2005 Andy Stewart # Fixed [#2938] Added strtolower to filename when chmod after upload 27-Jan-2005 Andrew Eddie + Added folder offset to <files> tag in installer 26-Jan-2005 Peter Koch ! Change content editors width to 100% 25-Jan-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed weblinks not working with SEF enabled # Fixed [#3851] Alternative gzip page compression doesn't work (for example in Opera) # Fixed non-standard HTML in user manager 24-Jan-2005 Andy Stewart # Fixed [3565] updated publish_array to point to correct key # Fixed [3824] Closed, resolved by [3289] fix # Fixed [3473] Closed, resolved by [3289] fix # Fixed [3752] Not a bug, user not understood ini_get function 24-Jan-2005 Peter Koch # Fixed misspelling cateogry/category in english.php # Fixed non-standard HTML in admin control panel 23-Jan-2005 Levis Bisson + Added the global configuration -> Show UnAuthorized Links condition to the mod_latestnews.php, mod_mostread.php and mod_newsflash.php 23-Jan-2005 Peter Koch + Added write protection handling to template html and css editors. + Added write protection handling to language file editor. # Fixed [#3289] Media Manager not working with globals off # Fixed [#3352] Global configuration and Logout Fail 22-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed missing Back Button option for Search component page # Fixed 'no results' found when first entering Search component - without engaging a search # Fixed pathway html entity problem 21-Jan-2005 Peter Koch + Added checkboxes in site global configuration to make configuration.php unwritable after saving, or to override write protection while saving respectively. + Added function mosIsChmodable($file) to administrator/includes/admin.php. Returns TRUE if mambo can chmod the file. Used for overwrite/add write protection functions in administration editors. 19-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Added Vcard capability to Contact Component 18-Jan-2005 Peter Koch # General fix for chmod issues [#3842] [#3727] [#3275]: + Added configurable file and directory permissions (chmod) to installation steps. + Added configurable file & directory permissions (chmod) to global configuration + Added function mosChmodRecursive($path, $filemode=NULL, $dirmode=NULL) to mambo.php. + Added function mosChmod($path) to mambo.php. ! 3rd party addons may adopt the permission flags while still keeping backward compatibility. ! Updated com_installer to use the new chmod options above ! Updated com_media to use the new chmod options above # Fixed $mosConfig_absolute_path having double slashes after installing on windows # Fixed several minor html errors in installer and com_config 18-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras ! Added Date column to Content Managers 17-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Added Caption support to {mosimage} # Fixed Category param in Blog Category # Fixed inability to hide Categories in Category view of 'List - Content Section' 16-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras ! Separated Menu Item Types into groups 15-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras ! Added param for `title` & `heading` attribs of 'mospagebreak' to be added to <site> tag ! Added `heading` attribute to 'mospagebreak' to control title of first item in TOC ! Add Search button params for `Search Module` ! Add forget password and register new user for Login Component page 14-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Added new Ordering ability for Admin list/table views ! Template Manager preview template thumbnail, on by default ! Improved New Menu Item creation page - added tooltips from XML file ! Improved MOSTooltip function 13-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Added Reset Clicks button to Banner manager ! Added Author column and Author filter to Content Item and Static Content Manager 12-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Added `Load Module Position` mambot 11-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Added `Wrapper` module + Added option to send HTML emails in `Massmail` component # Fixed Wrapper Component XHTML validation issue # Fixed [#4051] Can search sections and categories even if they have not been published 10-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras ! 'Latest News' module can now show Static Content - configurable via new `Module Mode` param ! 'Most Read' module can now show Static Content - configurable via new `Module Mode` param 09-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + Site `Favourite Icon` now configurable via Global Configuration + Added Syndication support for Firefox `Live Bookmarks` + Added 'Apply' action to Menu Items + Added 'Apply' action to Content Item, Static Content, Section, Category & Global Config + Added 'Apply' button ( saves item but does not exit `edit` mode ) ! Reordered `Page Title` to have sitename appear before page name # Fixed unnecessary extra commas in Meta Tags 07-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras ! Added action message to 'Copy' module function ! Replace `split` funtion with faster `explode` function to determine ISO encoding # Fixed Error messages in 'Copy' Menu Item confirmation page 05-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#3990] Saving or editing existing categories gives errors 04-Jan-2005 Andy Stewart # Fixed [#3473] Added code to auto delete index.html from empty media manager folder ! Added code to media manager function create_folder to create index.html 04-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed handling of menus when more than one module assigned to display a particular menutype # Fixed Search Contacts mambot sql error 04-Jan-2005 Andrew Eddie # Fixed hardcoded classname in mosParameters that prevents derived classes from working # Fixed wrongly named iscore property in mosComponents class ! Updated mosReadDirectory function to be able to recurse into sub-directories 03-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras # Fixed Admin Module 'Components' being visible for Managers # Fixed Admin Module 'Menu Stats' including Trashed menu items in count 02-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras + New 'Installer' sub-menu for Admin and Super Admin - amalgamates links for all installers ! Improvement to Category 'Link to Menu' handling ! Improvement to Section 'Link to Menu' handling # Fixed page title param for Contact Component menu items 01-Jan-2005 Rey Gigataras ! Improvement to Static Content 'Link to Menu' handling ! Improvement to Content Item 'Link to Menu' handling ! Improvement to Menu Manager edit menu item linking 31-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras ! Improvement to Content Item 'Reset Hits' handling ! Improvement to Static Content 'Reset Hits' handling # Fixed RSS Syndication author validation error - removed author info 31-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie # Fixed stripping of backslashes when loading an object # Fixed error if xml didn't exist in Mambot and Module install screens 30-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#2706] Bug(?) with 'time to publish' in relation to timezone (time offset) # Fixed [#3922] POLL: Page Title is missing (Parameters) # Fixed params for 'Component - Search' menu item # Fixed Poll dropdown select missing Itemid 30-Dec-2004 Peter Koch # Fixed [#3610] Missing #__ in admin.content.php # Fixed [#3503] Missing quote in admin.media.html.php # Fixed [#3217] Typo in variable name, missing $ sign 30-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie ! Admin custom toolbar now displays only text if images not defined 29-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras + Search Newsfeeds mambot + Added Feed Image, Feed descrip, Item descrip & word count params to 'Link - Newsfeed' + Added Feed Image, Feed descrip, Item descrip & word count params to 'Component - Newsfeed' + Added Feed Image, Item description & word count params to RSS Feed module ! Modified Search Weblinks mambot 27-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras + Added hyperlink to Frontpage Manager list linking to Category Edit + Added hyperlink to Frontpage Manager list linking to Section Edit + Added hyperlink to Content Manager list linking to Category Edit + Added hyperlink to Content Manager list linking to Section Edit + Added hyperlink to Category Manager list linking to Section Edit ! Cosmetic change to Module Item layout - shifted from tab to column layout # Fixed mambot description in Edit Mambot page 26-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras + Added hyperlink to Menu Manager for Contact Item menu items directly to the item itself + Added hyperlink to Menu Manager for Newsfeed Item menu items directly to the item itself + Added hyperlink to Menu Manager for Content Item menu items directly to the item itself + Ability to link to Content Items from Edit Content Item menu page + Ability to link to Static Content from Edit Static Content Item menu page ! Cosmetic change to Menu Item layout - shifted from tab to column layout # Fixed [#3551] Failed during uninstallation of Admin's module # Fixed [#3056] No handling of illegal section names in Category Manager # Fixed [#3030] Query in archive modul don't work # Fixed [#2847] archive module not using SEO 25-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras ! Disabled edit icon appearing in newsflash module # Fixed [#3891] Checkout for Banner Clients don't work # Fixed [#2986] com_banner option listclients doesn't work in FireFox 1.0 # Fixed [#3048] Problem with Frontend editing checked-out Content 24-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie ! Added PEAR Archive Tar library 24-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#3287] Login fails if index.php is not the default for the domain # Fixed [#3669] str_replace( '&', '&amp;', $path ) may break unicode # Fixed [#2982] minor error in pathway.php # Fixed [#3290] Sort by button broken in 'Browser, OS, Domain Statistics' page # Fixed [#2984] Centering of text in install components # Fixed [#2791] Administrators can delete themselves # Fixed [#3058] Control Panel # Fixed [#3426] component com_contacts several issues # Fixed [#3375] Multiple contacts printing error # Fixed [#3482] Contacts Page Class Suffix and Page Title don`t work 23-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#3895] 'Active' Column in Contact Categories list always zero # Fixed mambot xml group attribute 22-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie ! Replaced Incutio xmlrpc library with DOMIT xmlrpc library 20-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie # Removed display of href in returned search results (long urls corrupt display) 19-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras + Block renaming of menutype for 'mainmenu' menu + Block deletion of 'mainmenu' menu + Block deletion of 'mainmenu' module ! Hides email by default on Contacts component table view ! Cosmetic change to representation of Menu Tree ! Administrator Group now able to access Trash Manager # Fixed [#3127] typo in 'List - Content Section' menu item params: Filter Field # Fixed [#2693] Bug by install local 4.51a local WIN XP PRP XAMPP # Fixed [#2752] blogsection mode, shows IMG element wwhen no image is selected # Fixed [#2734] 'Register Globals' set to OFF, Bug with viewing page as PDF or to Print # Fixed [#2743] index2.php option-variable used before initialisation # Fixed [#2867] $author not visible in email for user submitted weblink # Fixed [#2917] Can't edit static content in backend via edit button # Fixed [#3152] menu class suffix parameter does not work for sublevels # Fixed [#3513] 'Do not use image' doesn't remove weblink icon # Fixed [#2862] menu copy doesn't copy sublevel items # Fixed [#3827] Trashed Content is displayed to those with frontend edit access # Fixed [#2689] Link to Menu, will not show empty menus in Menu Select list # Fixed [#3829] Access to Menu Manager not allowed for Administrators # Fixed [#3701] Changing menu module menu class suffix interferes with menu menutype # Fixed [#3128] Menu manager issues # Fixed [#3109] menutype shows a wrong value # Fixed [#2710] Problem with menu manager # Fixed renaming of Menu Type also renames type for menu items 18-Dec-2004 Andy Stewart # Fixed [#3794] Replaced $mainframe->getCfg("mosConfig_dbprefix") with $mosConfig_dbprefix 18-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras # Fixed [#2992] Spelling error in Registration module # Fixed [#3725] Spelling Error in Global Config # Fixed [#2717] Missing parameters for 'Component - Search' menu item # Fixed [#2690] Newsfeed Component not outputing Feeds image # Fixed [#2825] Poll Lag is Broken # Fixed [#3748] Impossible to reply to mails from contact component # Fixed [#3802] Contact component js redirect fails on submit in Firefox 17-Dec-2004 Rey Gigataras + Email Cloaking mambot + Search Content Sections mambot + Search Content Categories mambot ! Added css class distinction between next and previous item navigation buttons ! TinyMCE removed from uninstall list ! On clean install TinyMCE in 'Advanced' mode loaded as default editor ! Upgraded feedcreator to 1.72 # Fixed [#2923] Pb when Using Textarea as module parameter # Fixed [#3770] RSS - not correctly validating # Fixed [#3771] RSS - encoding German Umlauts # Fixed [#3025] Bugs in encoding in rss feeds # Fixed [#3067] Content without a category is gone but still there # Fixed [#3321] Editing Administrator Module does not load corrent parameter from xml file # Fixed [#3122] "table - newsfeed category" have contact category's parameters # Fixed [#3123] typo on popup info help on login component menu item's parameters tab # Fixed [#3125] typo in "List - Content Section" parameters tab # Fixed [#3018] Menu Bug? or Style issues w/ Solarflare template # Fixed [#2701] Read more on all frontpage items # Fixed [#3071] missing <selected> tag in create user # Fixed [#2788] Submit News returns Not authorised for Author level # Fixed [#2930] Search Module (Search Box) - Display extra line below the input box # Fixed [#3050] Filter in com_contact is broken # Fixed [#3078] errors in mosmenubar # Fixed [#2874] css for news module # Fixed [#2896] Mod_mainmenu Spacer settings not functional # Fixed [#2899] Saving content - mosmessages missing Slashes # Fixed [#2871] no edit-icon if show_title set to off # Fixed [#2687] page class suffix for home (w3c xhtml) # Fixed [#2630] 4.5.1 and Static Contant Manager and Link to Menu # Fixed [#3057] Error with Help in Static Content Manager # Fixed RSS IE display error # Fixed RSS feed Itemid problem # Fixed Banner Client Manager Checked Out field not showing data # Fixed Contact Manager Checked Out field showing incorrect data # Fixed Contact Item Link not displaying correct info when editing menu item entry # Fixed 'Blog - Content Category' Param to show/hide Category description & image # Fixed 'Blog - Content Section' Param to show/hide Section description & image 17-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie # Fixed possible bug with PHP 4.3.10 # Fixed colon in _NEW_USER_MESSAGE causing problems with some url's ! Upgraded TinyMCE to version 1.38 # Fixed wrong field in weblinks search for newest/oldest/default ! Improvements to search engine to facilitate xml-rpc integration # Fixed [#2813] database query bug + Added improve code highlight bot based on GeSHi 16-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie # [#3225] Site Preview uses base URL not a call to index.php 15-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie ! Updated DOMIT version to 1.0 pre_g + Added desciption to Modules edit page + Added linkable title option to newsflash module # Fixed access parameter and select query 13-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie # Random Image: Corrected noted default image type, improved parameter help text 10-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie ! Updated screen help pages ! Moved system info, credits, license & support from menu to help page 06-Dec-2004 Andrew Eddie + Added Id and Component Id column to menu item list + Added hyperlink to Menu Manager for Static Content menu items directly to the item itself + Parameter added to control how weblink opens ! New weblinks will assign category if selected in the links list ! Allow parameters handler to assign different control name --4.5.1a Stable Released -- 2. Copyright and disclaimer --------------------------- This application is opensource software released under the GPL. Please see source code and the LICENSE file


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